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We are Experts in delivering 360 data models and Anaylitcs for Sales, market share Data, CRM.

We implement BI, CRM, CLM, EMR, eRx, OTMS Solutions.




miniAnalyZer revolutionary put Analytics and mobile dashboards in your hands whatever is your budget! With Datalytics services and Power BI in your hands, we deliver on-time sales and market share insight with a set of interactive mobile dashboards accessible from all mobile and tablet devices.


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PharmaAnalyzer plus introduces a breakthrough in commercial analytics, integrated Datalytics with the world No. 1 desktop analytics tool takes commercial analytics to a new level, powerful and flexble visualizations with a 360 integrated commercial data model of sales and market share and CRM data change the way you look to business and bring a new 360 insight.



EXALAYZER the Enterprise integrated all-in-one analytics platform for Pharma commercial analytics, one platform that offers analytics, web analytics, mobile analytics, alerts, notification, data governance, report auto-distribution and data discovery. with Datalytics engines, analytics can deliver the most flexible and comprehensive commercial analytical experience ever, sales, market share and CRM data are mashed up with Datalytics in the 360 data model with the power to extend to other crucial data like social media and batch tracking.

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We deliver our services around the world, our deep Pharma and Health experience and ready out-of-the-box setup tools help to get you up and running as fast as it never been .

we use professional remote meeting and access tools to facilitate on-site-like experience.

Why choose us

  • Total Analytics Approach

    With the Total Analytic Management approach, we provide Integrated Solutions for Pharma Sales, Marketing & Commercial data, with our specialized, felxible and quality-proofed back-end engines that are integrated with the world top Analytics tools and platforms, we deliver a total approach integrated solution, our implementations are fast, output is more flexible than imagined.

  • Superior ROI

    - Cost-Effective* Solutions to start with.

    - Ready out-of-the-box anlaysis and dashboards.

    - Fast implementations.

    - the most Cost-Effective commercial analytics while powering your sales force with analytics.

    - Fast implementations.
    *Ask our Consultants to quantitatively calculate your project ROI.

  • Flexibilty and Scalability

    With the flexibility of Datalytics the top Back-End Sales and market share consolidation and processing System, and the power of the world top Analytics and BI tools and platforms, users can adapt any Business changes effectively and fast.

    We have scalable wide range of Products & Modules ranging from very basic implementation to full Enterprise Implementation.

  • Specialized in Pharma

    - We have Deep Pharmaceutical Experience and Diverse Pharma Projects Experience.

    - We are Specialized in Sales, market share and CRM Data.

    - With more than 15 years of diversified Pharma experience, our principal consultants can lead projects to succeed with higher ROI , Simply we make it run.

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