Services Overview

As a service professional, you understand the importance of time and how it translates to the bottom line. Time spent matching people to projects could be spent growing your client base. Professional organizations like yours are feeling the strain and looking to more innovative services that will reduce non-billable hours, streamline processes, and increase overall efficiency. At Exceliti, we have experience in helping many companies like yours face the challenges of today business dynamics and competitive environment.

360 Business

We can analyze your business Sales, CRM, Market Share Data, Promotional Expenses, Expiry Goods in an integrated approach, which gives you 360° reading to the current business situation, discovering what`s going good, what`s going bad & giving you alerts about what`s not compliant with your business plan.

New Rep
info Pack

New Rep info Packs has proved its crucial role when Rep is getting in a new territory, an info Pack of CRM, Sales and market share date; proved to save 50% of new reps time in the first 3 to 6 month, decrease the liability to lose market share and improve customer experience and assure loyalty, contact us to know how this is done.


15+ Years of experience of projects in the Pharma and Health, with deep understanding of the industry and how technology can match different needs, knowledge, tools and experience of project management standards for Pharma and health, project pitfalls, industry milestone, maturity phases of different areas, identifying gaps, developing project charters, developing technology solutions road maps, maximize project ROI. We have experience in Analytics projects, BI, CRM, eDetailing, EMR, HIS, eRx, sales analysis, Targeting. We help from the design phase to planning to implementation phase.


Developing profitability index on product, territory, line, and even customer level based on how rich data and on which level you have about your business, the output is a solid guidance to re-direct your resources to the more profitable spots, to restructure your business model or sales force, the results is improving ROI, market share, Revenue and bottom line.


A 10+ years of experience in aligning customers with different geographical structures including the ims different allocation models, the output is a generic geo model that align sales and market share data on the same territory structure.


We deliver a sales master customer list with no duplicates, unifying all different distributors codes given to specific customer with a unique sales master code, the output is the backbone of Datalytics; enabling having one existence for each customer, enabling you to have the right Pareto results and top bottom customers charts.


We are armed with knowledge, tools and experience to develop a targeting process for your customers, including targeting updating, having a Targeting process in place is crucial to assure that you are always directing your resources to the right customers, the results is improving ROI, market share, Revenue and bottom line.


imagine extending your sales force with no extra resources!, Analyzing sales force time usage, required visits per customer, our tools will give you a situation analysis of rep-capacity, recommendations and suggestions about how to optimize sales force time usage by territory reallocations and line manning optimization, the result is to have more effective and productive sales force with the same resources you have.

and Strategy

    Develop a Roadmap for Sales Effectiveness specific areas and give you Alternative Choices

    Align Technology Tools with your plans to improve Sales and Marketing Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Designing and Implementing Information Strategy for CRM, Sales, Market Share Data, Promotional Expenses and Batch tracking