About us

Exceliti provides business solutions with core focus in the Business Intelligence & Analytics domain in Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare.

ExceliTi Business Solutions is focused on providing high quality products and solutions for data integration, data analysis & reporting requirements of Pharma and Health. We provide large organizations with top class enterprise turn-key solutions, for small and med market organizations our aim is to facilitate to dig out and reap benefits from the information hidden in their organizational data mines. This can be achieved with our diversified delivery options that suit the varying needs of different organizations.

Our Journey

ExceliTi was founded in the year 2007 to serve Pharma and Health information technology needs.

  • Navigating in the sea

    ExceliTi was founded in the year 2007 to serve Pharma and Health information technology needs.

    the founder and principal consultant developed his career for over 15 years in different capacities in the pharmaceutical sector.

    in the last 8 years ExceliTi delivered different solutions and professional service to Pharma and Health, including areas of sales analysis, CRM, BI & analytics, eDetailing, EMR, HIS, eRx, glucose monitoring for ICU and CCU, child growth curves.

    We are partners for top leading BI providers like TARGIT, and we are working to be the preferred partner for key solution providers for Pharma in the Middle East.

    We worked with Novo Nordisk Egypt and Saudi, Roche Kuwait, Kuwait National Cancer Control Center, SPIMACO Saudi, Qassim National Hospital.

Why Exceliti?

We bring data to life.

Why leaders and innovators choose Exceliti

    Power to access, prepare and blend all data; Exceliti products deliver accurate, “analytics ready” data to end users from any data sources.

    Save time and money - Exceliti was born out of a desire to achieve positive, disruptive change in the Pharma and Health business analytics market, dominated by expensive heavy-weight products built on outdated technology.

    Intuitive and Advanced data visualization with the professional advanced back-end processing engines "DataLytics" empowers users to dive deep into their data and help them “slice & dice data”in a self-service environment.

Our Team

Mohamed ElAwady

Director & Founder

Khaled Abd ElTawab

DataLytics Manager

Dahlia ElMekawy

R & D and Health informatics consultant

Samer ElAmrousy

BI and Health informatics consultant

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