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Exceliti provide scalable and flexible solutions to meet today's business challenges, while empowering businesses for even greater success tomorrow.We offer a comprehensive range of software solutions to promote rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.


ignite Commercial

miniAnalyZer put Analytics and mobile dashboards in your hands whatever is your budget! no need anymore to spend long hours preparing sales and market share data, we make it for you, With Datalytics services and Power BI in your hands, we deliver on-time sales and market share insight with a set of interactive mobile dashboards accessible from all mobile and tablet devices, miniAnalyzer suits small companies, business unit or sales team ! where it empowers all with sales results on-time and put mobile dashboards in the hands of managment to check thier sales anywhere, we offer a wide range of insight and mobile dashboard packs to meet everyone needs in small companies.


Revoultionary Commercial

PharmaAnalyzer plus introduces a breakthrough in commercial analytics, no need anymore to spend long hours preparing sales and market share data, we make it for you, no sophisticated software installations!, integrated Datalytics services with the world No. 1 desktop analytics tool takes commercial analytics to a new level, powerful and flexble visualizations with a 360 integrated commercial data model of sales and market share and CRM data change the way you look to business and bring a new 360 insight, with the most competitive TCO PharmaAnalyZer enables more companies to start their commercial analytics today, PharmaAnalyZer suits small to medium companies, even suits business unit or sales team.


Enterprise Integrated Commercial

Enterprise integrated commercial analytics with all-in-one analytics platform, integrated Datalytics engines and TARGIT decision suite offering analytics, web analytics, mobile analytics, alerts, notification, data governance, report auto-distribution and data discovery. with Datalytics engines platform, analytics can deliver the most flexible and comprehensive commercial analytical experience ever, sales, market share and CRM data are mashed up with Datalytics in the 360 data model with the power to extend to other crucial data like social media and batch tracking.


Focus on Insights

No need anymore to spend long stressful hours to prepare your sales and market share data! Datalytics engines and services do it all for you, from consolidating sales from different distributors to distribute sales to sales force to integrate it with market share data, delivering a 360 data model that works with the world top BI and analytics tools and platforms, so you just need to move from the sluggish area of data administration to your core area of data analysis, insight and business review.


Courage To Act

all in one BI platform ! TARGIT Decision Suite is the only business intelligence platform that offers visual data discovery tools, self-service business analytics, reporting, and stunning dashboards in a single, integrated solution. Experience synergy between employees of every department, your systems, and your software. TARGIT supports the decision-making process in a world that's changing faster than ever.

Rep Analytics

Agile Sales Team

It is time to put the power in the hands of your sales Team, enabling medical and sales representative and first line managers to get full 360 insight about their business at their fingertips creates a new solid competitive advantage for your company, fact-based culture harness the decision you take, put more confidence in your agile movements in the market, no doubt that a confident and agile sales force will make a difference at the bottom line, TARGIT advanced analytics auto-distribution server put this into action by automatically send all sales force on-time automatic insight about their business, also sales force can have mobile analytics with TARGIT mobility server with the best cost-effective model.

for All

live patient file

On a space that is less than 1 m2 , million of patient files could be stored, securely and safely, with ability to access securely anytime anywhere.


Advance in Critical Care

in one of the most critical disease areas, technology help physicians in managing cancer ptient case, from recruiting on a protocol to generating the treatment plan to schedule treatment and recording dose administration, to remind about dose dates, critical care is advancing by the help of new technologies.

and Appointment

a must to have

Standard appointment application that allow the interaction between patient and health organizations in making and rescheduling appointments, allowing to store all your patient registration data and managing appointments.

Dose Calculators

Accurate calculation for diversified dosing regimens

in the world of mobility; now physicians can calculate any dose for any drug with their mobiles, no need any more to remember tens of drugs dosing regimens, just choose a drug, indication and a dose regimen and it calculates it for you.

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